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The Importation business is very lucrative. However, over the years, Chinese owned companies have been the ones thriving and enjoying the most benefits in the importation business, meanwhile, indigenous owned companies have been struggling to compete with these Chinese or overseas owned companies.

This blog is created to proffer solutions to the problems most importers face when procuring and shipping goods from China. It will also focus on agents in the industry who have intentions of getting their own space in China to assemble their goods before shipment or needs a China representative who can be working closely with them. 

This page will proffer solutions to these identified issues and other issues most importers and agents are currently facing in this industry.

On this blog, we will be sharing the problems which indigenous companies are facing and ways in which indigenous shippers and procurement agents can dominate the market space of importing goods from China to Nigeria as shippers now barely make profit out of the business due to the economic situation of the country and more importantly the high exchange rates.

It’s a platform where major and minor players in the industry will be coming together with different ideas to proffer solutions to the challenges and problems shippers and procurement agents are facing and how to run the business properly, ultimately taking indigenous shipping business to the next level of importation.

Mr . Samuel Abraham

About the CEO

Samuel Abraham is a young, innovative and industrious entrepreneur that strives to provide world-class, hitch-free importation services to individuals and businesses who import goods from China to Nigeria.

He is a graduate of Lagos state University, where he studied business Administration And graduated in the year 2017.

Samuel Abraham is the CEO of Tugrow1688 Logistics company, which was incorporated in 2019. 
Tugrow1688 Logistics has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and a branch planted in the Federal Capital of Nigeria, Abuja.

He has been in the Cargo business for over 15 years, and has helped a handful of individuals, small and large businesses to procure and ship goods from China to Nigeria.
The idea of Tugrow1688 Logistics came as a result of the hurdles, difficulties and issues importers faced when getting their goods from China to Nigeria.

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